Exploring the Vanguard of the Future Automotive Industry: Taipei AMPA Exhibition


In the thriving automotive industry, Taiwan has long been a vital production hub for high-quality automotive components. The Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show (AMPA), an emblem of Taiwan's automotive sector, stands as one of the world's top four and Asia's second-largest international B2B automotive parts exhibition, hailed as a compass for industry trends.

A Global Hub for the Industry

The Taipei AMPA Exhibition isn't just a gathering for industry players; it serves as a global benchmark for the automotive industry. This exhibition brings together leading companies from around the world, showcasing a comprehensive supply chain of vehicle components ranging from hardware to software and system solutions. On this platform driven by innovation and technology, stakeholders can collectively explore future development directions, shaping the ecosystem of new energy and smart mobility industries.

Exceeding Industry Expectations: Unique Aspects of AMPA Exhibition

What sets the Taipei AMPA Exhibition apart is its comprehensive exhibition content. From the latest hardware components to forward-looking software and system solutions, exhibitors and visitors alike gain insights into the future direction of the automotive industry. This event not only serves as a trading platform but also fosters industry collaboration and collective innovation. The success of the Taipei AMPA Exhibition lies in its innovative approach, maintaining a keen sensitivity to industry developments, and bringing forth endless possibilities and imagination to the sector.


The Taipei AMPA Exhibition serves as a platform that blends innovation, excellence, and global industry trends, showcasing Taiwan's robust capabilities in the automotive components field. It is not merely an exhibition but also an opportunity to drive the development of the global automotive industry forward.